Entry #4

SRW OG: The Inspectors

2010-11-22 13:12:49 by Recep-Lan

The second season of one of the greatest Mecha series is well on its way!
I'd recommend everyone who is a Mecha freak like me to watch it. Its a better series compared to season 1 but of course season 2 has the better stuff compared in story , characters , mechs, etc.

The series has your usual fan service in it for the ones that are interested ... Ya pervs.
But seeing all these mecha come to a visual life in a series really gets me pumped with new ideas for my own mecha designs. So you guys can expect allot in the near future from me.

For the ones that are interested in watching the series i got you guys a link to a third party streaming site where you can watch it in all your hearts desire.

Well thats it for today i'll keep posting more progress and/or interests of me when i feel like it.

- I'm out.

SRW OG: The Inspectors


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